Tuesday 28 September 2010

Building SilverLight 4 Applications without Visual Studio 2010

On my build machines I prefer not to install Visual Studio and just rely on the .Net framework which includes all the tools required to run a build. Unfortunately the SilverLight 4 tools have been released so that they will only install on a machine with Visual Studio 2010 installed. I hunted around for a solution to this but didn’t find anything, then I realised that the file Silverlight4_Tools.exe could be extracted and you can install just the SDK as follows:

  1. Download the SilverLight 4 tools (Silverlight4_Tools.exe).
  2. Extract the files silverlight_sdk.msi and silverlight_sdk.cab either by using WinZip or running Silverlight4_Tools.exe with the /createlayout command line.
  3. Run silverlight_sdk.msi on your build machine.

So far this is working for me but I may need to install some of the other tools at a later stage.


Unknown said...

really great . its a interesting chalenge to develop this Silverlight Application without help of .Net . thanks for sharing .

Unknown said...

I have extracted the Silverlight4_Tools.exe and run the Silverlight4_Tools.msi . But there are no silverlight 4 toolkit got installed. Can you please help me here.

Neil Sleightholm said...

Afraid it has been years since I looked at this and in the end we abandoned silverlight.